Last night on Emmerdale Hazel was regalling Aaron with a story about one of her portraits, she told him that she fancied doing one of Edna in a Madonna outfit, conical bra & all. Jackson said they could hang it in the pub, but Aaron thought that Hazel would be hung in the street. Hazel seemed to be of the opinion that Edna would be up for it. I can’t see it myself !

The nurse with the delusional love life came in to give Jackson his bed bath. Jackson asked Hazel about her love life, but she told him that she was just friends with Bob & anyway he was busy looking after Viv since the shop got burgled. Except we know that Viv lied about that, just to keep Bob by her side.
Aaron asked the nurse if they should leave & she told them that she wouldn’t be too long. Hazel asked if it would be alright for her & Aaron to watch, see how it was done. Jackson objected, but he was ignored by the nurse, who refered to Jackson as her boyfriend ! Her delusions are getting worse.
Aaron looked uncomfortable beyond belief.

The mad nurse, having taken off Jackson’s hospital nightie, started washing him & Hazel said that it had been a while since she had had to do that for him.
Aaron was trying to look anywhere but at his nearly naked boyfriend, getting sponged down by the crazy nurse. He couldn’t have looked more uncomfortable if someone had been jabbing him with red-hot pokers !
Aaron couldn’t take it anymore & said that he’d be better off back at work. Hazel told him that he should be learning this, but he just looked at her with utter disgust.

Jackson told him to go & come back later, when it was quiet. Aaron said he would
& he’d bring some cans in. Then he raced out of the room like the
devil was at his arse & not in a good way.

He stopped outside to look back at the mental nurse still wiping around Jackson’s groin, breathed a sigh of relief & left.
I have to question this hospital’s respect for patient’s privacy. Poor Jackson was left lying there, practically naked getting his bits bathed for all to see !
The least that nut-job of a nurse could have done was close the blinds for him & why exactly was she spending so much time repeatedly washing his man bits ? I seriously think that woman is a pervert ! Yes I am jealous, so what, she’s still a pervert !

Later on Aaron returned & Jackson teased him about his earlier departure. Aaron told Jackson that he’d felt such a prat, but Jackson said that he felt worse, being slapped around by two women & a damp cloth, talking about who’d had what removed. He said that he was glad Aaron had cleared off when he did. Aaron told him that he couldn’t really have joined in because he’d never had anything removed. To which Jackson replied "Except your brain, otherwise ya wouldn’t be hear." Aaron pointed out that a brain wasn’t something he needed.
Jackson told Aaron that it was bad enough the nurses doing stuff like bathing him, but letting his mum do it, was not right. Aaron joked that maybe it was a test, because if he let them do that he must be paralysed. Jackson told him that if he could, he’d be halfway back to the village by now to avoid that.

Jackson got all serious & sad that he was struggling enough to cope with it all, anybody would be, so Aaron didn’t have to pretend that he wasn’t. He told Aaron that he was glad to have him there, with or without brain. Aaron told Jackson that he was glad to be there too.
Jackson changed the subject & asked, where
were the cans that Aaron had said he was going to bring in. Aaron said that he didn’t want that nurse after him & who can blame him ? Jackson said that he would have a cup of tea then, with four sugars, because he had to rebel somehow. That amused Aaron.

Photos used by kind permission of danglinghearts.


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