Last night in Emmerdale Aaron showed yet more emmotional growth by persuading Jerry [boo hiss] to go back to the hospital & talk to his son. Aaron didn’t hit, threaten or use force of any kind on Jerry [boo hiss], which is a minor miracle. He just reasoned with him, pointing out that Jackson cares about whether his dad is there or not & this is an opportunity for Jerry [boo hiss] to talk to his son & make things up to him !
Wow, Aaron’s emmotional growth these last few days is staggering !

At the Hospital Jerry lost his bottle but Aaron pointed out that not only did Jackson need to talk to Jerry [boo hiss], but also Jerry [Boo hiss] needed to talk to Jackson. He kind of hinted without actually saying it that it could be their last chance to do this. Eventually Jerry [boo hiss] went into Jackson’s room & they had a slightly awkward conversation.
I can’t get over how much Aaron has grown up these last few weeks. For sure he is heading for a relapse, you mark my words in the non too distant future Aaron will blow his lid & fuck up his life again.

Later on in the hospital Jackson thanked him for bringing Jerry[boo hiss] back. When Aaron asked him what he should tell his fans back in the village, Jackson told him that if they needed a builder he would be a little while. Aaron told him that they’d wait & Jackson asked Aaron if he’d wait because he didn’t want Aaron coming to see him just because he felt guilty or pitied him. Aaron told him that he was there because he wanted to be there & touched Jackson on the shoulder, which would have been quite sweet if Jackson wasn’t completely numb from the neck down !

Plot alert: Paddy is avoiding a party where he would have to stay overnight !

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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