Last night in Emmerdale at the garage, Charity was joking with Cain about how sexy she thought he be in a lawyer’s outfit, he replied that she would look even tidier in one. Tidy is Yorkshire for attractive, just in case you didn’t know.
When Aaron came up behind him, Cain changed the subject & told Carity to never trust a bloke in a curly wig, then he looked behind him & said that maybe Aaron would.
Aaron didn’t smile & Cain told him that he was sick of him & Ryan moping about so he was trying to cheer him up. Aaron still didn’t smile. Charity suggested that Cain should leave it, but he didn’t.

He told, not asked, Aaron that after work the two of them were going to The Woolie for a pint & Aaron would be paying. Aaron just shook his head. Cain turned to charity & said that he was giving up. Then Aaron explained he couldn’t go to the pub because he was going to see Jackson at the hospital.

Cain told Aaron to tell Jackson that Cain was missing him & was sick of Aaron. Charity pointed out that, that really was Cain trying to be nice.
Aaron, smiling, offered to put Cain on the bedbath rota (mmm bedbaths) & worryingly Cain told him to go ahead because that was right up his street. I think, well I hope, that he was being sarcatstic. Aaron just looked at him in pure disgust.

Charity expressed surprised that the hospital were expecting Aaron to do that for Jackson so soon & Aaron, slightly shame faced replied that they were trying to get him to do it.
Cain told him that he’d better get his head ’round it, to which Aaron retorted "Oh yeah, ‘coz that’s normal."
When is he going to shake his strange obssession with what is & isn’t normal ? In some ways he’s quite old fashioned. He went on to ask Cain how he would feel if he had to do it.

To the obvious surprise of Charity, Cain said that it wasn’t him who had to do it, but if he had to, he would.
He then said
"All joking aside lad, this is what they call a reality check, If you love him, he’s going to be like this for quite a while, so wiping his backside or whatever it takes, deal with it."
Aaron didn’t say anything, he just walked off, but he looked like he was thinking about what Cain had said.
Wow ! Words of wisdom from Cain – will wonders never cease ?!                                       

Photos used by kind premission of Dangling Hearts.


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