Last night in Emmerdale, Betty & Sandy, two of the gloriously gossipy old codgers in the village, were sat in the cafe discussing Viv’s recent buglary from the shop till, while Aaron cogitated in the background, or he might of just been daydreaming.
Betty mentioned that usually, her main suspect
would have been Aaron, but she realised that he had quite a bit on his mind at the moment. Sandy pointed out that she was being a little bit insensetive, but Betty didn’t care she was in full scared old biddy mode, even threatening to *gasp* lock her back door.
I sincerely hope that’s not a euphermism ! Ewwww !                                                        

Just then Hazel came running in all breathless & excited, to tell Aaron that Jackson’s results from his brain scan were in & he had been given the all clear. He had no brain damage, which meant that he could be moved to the spinal unit.
She said that she knew she shouldn’t build her hopes up, because it didn’t mean that he was going to walk again, but it did mean that she was closer to getting her boy back.
Aaron was just pleased that Jackson didn’t have brain damage.

Later Aaron was in Jackson’s room at the hospital, teasing him about not having brain damage, despite all the crazy things that it makes him say. Jackson said that at least he had a brain. Then Aaron teased him about being all cocky, now that he’d had the all clear. Jackson, sounding all depressed again, said that it was hardly the all clear.

Aaron was not going to give up on his good mood that easily & told Jackson that whatever it was, it was still a good enough reason to party. With that he produced from the pockets of his hoodie two cans of lager.
Jackson asked what he though he was playing at & Aaron reminded his boyfriend that the stuff in the cans was called l-a-ger. Jackson reminded Aaron that it might mess up his medication, so Aaron offered to drink it for him.
Jackson immediately changed his mind & told Aaron to give him some.

Aaron put a straw into one of the cans & held it to Jackson’s mouth so that his boyfriend could have his first proper drink for a long time. They were both in a good mood now.
Just then Hazel walked in, catching them both red-handed !

Hazel said that she couldn’t believe she was seeing this. Aaron tried to weedle his way out of it, but she told him not to lie to her. As Aaron hung his head in shame, she snapped "After all his body has been through you’re pouring cheap lager down his neck." Aaron said that he knew & he was sorry.

Hazel carried on, with a real look of hatred on her face, "You disgust me." Aaron suddenly found his trainers really fascinating. "The least he deserves is some fizzy wine !"
With that she pulled a bottle of Champagne out of her bag with a flourish & a grin.

That made Jackson smile, but Aaron told her that she wasn’t funny. Hazel sighed & told Aaron that he was so easy to wind up. Then, holding up the bottle & saying "Cheers !" to her son, she pushed past Aaron & told him to get out of the way.
Aaron didn’t look as happy as he had looked a few minutes ago, but it was still a really good day.

Pictures used by kind permission of Dangling Hearts.


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