What’s So Great About Bonfire Night?

Someone famous & smarter than me said this a long time ago, but it’s worth repeating – Bonfire Night is the best celebration we have, because it is the most social.
It is the only one which is impossible to celebrate indoors.
For the fire, for the fireworks – you have to be outside, which means that we are all outside together.
All other celebrations mainly take place behind closed doors, with families & close friends. Excluding the distant & lonely people.
Bonfire Night brings us all out, whether we have anyone to be out with or not.
This is the one night of the year on which I get to see some of my neighbours. It is definitely the one night of the year when we all manage to get along !
I live in a fairly rough area of a very rough town. Most nights are like living under siege in a war zone! To say that my neighbours & I don’t get on is quite an understatement!
But on this one night, everything is as close to sweetness & light as we are ever going to get.
Someone said to me last night that Bommy Night around here sounds like the Christmas amnesty in WWI, where the two sides stopped fighting & played football in no-man’s land & that is exactly what it is like.
We have a communal fire on the green. Some people bring fireworks, some bring food, others bring booze & we all get to clear out our junk & crap by chucking it on the Bommy. Being a bit of a hoarder, I usually have plenty to contribute in that area – probably the main reason I am so welcome. The bonfire would be half the size without my contribution!
Children are, for once, not shoved out of the door on their own to wreak whatever havoc they may, because all the parents come out with them. Meaning that they are uncharacteristically well-behaved.
It is the one night of the year when there is absolutely no vandalism, no graffiti & the only thing coming through my letterbox is mail!
This is why I love Bonfire Night … well that & it’s bloody good fun !!

Just Because It's Funny!


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Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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