Here We Go Again.

Yet again a website has felt the need to make pointless changes which annoy it’s users.
Like all the other sites, Twitter has changed several times over the years. Mostly minor changes, probably promted by user complaints/suggestions.
This time though they have radically changed the layout & the way Twitter functions.
To be frank it has fucked up Twitter for me & many others. I’m not even sure if I want to bother withn it any more. This is why:
1) The timeline is on the wrong side of the page.
It might seem like a petty complaint, but it interfers with the way I use Twitter.
Contrary to some people beliefs, I don’t hover over my timeline 24/7. I’m usually doing other stuff while I have Twitter on ‘in the background’ as it were. Which means I shrink the window to the width of my TL & have it down the left side of the screen, while I get on with my other stuff [none of your business!] on the rest of the screen.
If something like an interesting convo, pic or video catches my eye I expand the window to full size & flip that tweet out to the side for a full view. When I’ve finised I shink it back again & my TL is back where it belongs.
Now every time I shrink the window back down I have to reajust it because the TL is on the wrong size. It’s very annoying.
2) I can’t flip tweets out to one side anymore.
If I wanted to watch a video I could flip it out to the right, but carry on scrolling through my TL while it played. Now if I click on it, it appears IN my TL & therefore I have to stop scrolling. Which means catching up on what I’ve missed while I was away from Twitter [sleeping etc] takes much, much longer. Again this is very annoying.
3) My TL isn’t a constant stream anymore.
It is more like a series of tweets loosely held together with an inadequate amount of  prit-stick.
There seems to be more ‘function buttons’ on them too & they move around it the tweet is opened up. I have to be very careful where I click or they all become detached.
This again makes catching up a long & fairly tedious process.
4) Direct Messages!
OMG! What have they done to my DMs?
The only way to acess them appears to be as a drop-down menu, hovering over my tweets. Do they not realise what DMs are used for? [Oh don’t look at me like that! If you know what I mean then you really have no right to pull that face :-P]
It is seriously un-nerving to have them hovering over the tweets like that, I mean what if one of your followers were to look up & see what you’d just written?! [Taking Twitter to literally you say?]
Plus it means that I can’t tweet while I DM. Well that takes half the fun out of it! [again with the disapproving face – get over yourself!]
The only way to avoid this is to open another tab & have my DMs on there. Well my stoneage computer isn’t keen on having lots of windows open, it tends to s-l-o-o-o-ow down even more than usual if I do that & as I’ve already pointed out, I’m doing other things while I tweet.
Worst of all is that DM don’t seem to work properly.
The don’t atomatically refresh. I have to switch them off after I send one & click back on to read the reply. Sometimes when I open them again I find that my tweets disapeared. Which all kind of spoils the flow :-\
Perversly they seem to be well nigh impossible to delete! And sometimes you really need to delete your DMs 😉
In the interest of balance I will admit that there is one thing I like about New-New Twitter. They have returned to putting the actual time on the tweets instead of the more vague ‘1 hour ago’ or just the date. I like that.
As for the rest – you can stick it where the sun don’t shine! [facebook?]

Originally written on 14th February 2012 & forgotten about.


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