RIP Victor Spinetti.

The Mad Jaffa Cake Eater Is Dead !

Victor Spinetti  2nd September 1929 – 18th June 2012.

Victor Spinetti died of prostate cancer yesterday.
He was a very funny, charming & popular actor. He always had a humorous annecdote to hand, so I’d like to share my favourite one with you.
In 1965 Mr Spinetti won a Tony award for his role of  an obnoxious Drill Sergeant  in Oh What A Lovely War!.
He hadn’t expected to win & didn’t have a speech prepared, so when he reached the podium he said:
“Thank you very much for this award. With your indulgence, I should like to deliver my acceptence speech in my native tongue of Welsh.”
He then proceeded to deliver a 10 minute passionate speech, which recieved a standing ovation from the audience.
Victor Spinetti never learned a word of Welsh in his life!
His speech consisted entirely of Welsh sounding gibberish 🙂
He was a very, very funny man.

Rest In Peace Mr Spinetti.



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