I recently read an interesting blog about tattoos & the way people are judged for having them, especially pertaining to where the tattoo is place on their body.
It reminded me of this picture which I’ve had hanging around the computer for a long time. Just thought I’d share it with you.
 I have a tattoo [ooh get me]. It is a capital A, which is going to have a red circle around it, if I ever get around to having it finished. I’ve only had it for 34 years, so no rush then 🙂
It is on my left shoulder blade, which puts it at the edge of the ‘socially acceptable rebellious tattoo’ zone, the ‘high chance of dragon’s wings or equivalent lameness’ zone & the ‘I’ll cost taxes due to being in prison’ zone.
Not sure what that says about me though :-\
I’m thinking of getting a new tattoo, when the budget allows. I was comtemplating having my avatar on my ankle, or the one at the bottom of this post, on the small of my back.
According to this tattoo map, that makes me  either a ‘cute little princess’ or someone who’ll drop their draws for a pint/bicardi breezer!
I can assure you that neither description suits me at all!
No really they don’t!!

About An Elephant's Child

Like the elephant's child I am filled with insatiable curiousity. I REALLY AM THE PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT.
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