Scottish Independence Referendum

              The Hills That We Climbed                 Were Just Seasons Out Of Time.

To be honest a large part of me doesn’t want Scotland to leave the union, because without them consistently not voting Tory, Tories have a much better chance of forming a government. I really don’t want any more Tory mismanagement of our country.
But that is just me being selfish.
This isn’t about me, it’s about what is best for Scotland & the best thing for Scotland is to leave. If I lived in Scotland & had a vote, I would vote definitely YES.
It is true that England & Scotland have been united for a very long time, but most of that time it’s been quite an abusive relationship.
Some English people might take an exception to that statement, but no matter how much we may personally like & admire Scotland, as a country we have, over the years, treated Scotland appallingly. Not just the historical crimes of turfing people off their land to make room for grouse shoots & kidnapping their children to colonise Canada, but to this very day we are using Scotland as a dumping ground for our nuclear waste; most of which is now lost because nobody bothered to keep records of where it was buried.
To put it bluntly; Scotland is England’s bitch & has been for a very long time. This has to stop & there is only one way to do that.
If you are in an abusive relationship & you get a golden opportunity to leave; you should take it.
This is Scotland’s golden opportunity to leave & they have to take it.
In the last few days Westminster has been making promises, just like the abusive partner makes promises in a desperate attempt to make you stay. They are lies.
They may say that they’ll change, that they’ll treat you better, that they’ll never hurt you again. We all know that none of this is true.
Clegg has proved that a signed pledge means nothing to these people. Their pledges are worthless.
You might be worried about where you will go, how you will cope & what will become of you, but the truth is that no matter how difficult things may be to start with, nothing compares to getting your freedom back.
Will things be difficult for Scotland? Probably.
Change is never easy & I’m sure Westminster will go out of its way to make life as difficult as possible for Scotland.
Exs can be really petty like that.
If Scotland doesn’t vote YES in tomorrow’s referendum I will be severely disappointed.

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7 Responses to Scottish Independence Referendum

  1. Rum Cove says:

    Tha mo bhàta-foluaimein loma-làn easgannan.

  2. You’re absolutely right. It’s an abusive relationship with Wales as well.

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