I’ve had a few people tell me that my grief at the deaths of some famous people is a bit odd. More than once I’ve read a comment along the lines of “You can’t be that upset about them dying because I’ve never heard you mention them before”

Well, I don’t mention air very often, but I’m pretty sure I’d miss it if it was no longer available. Some people are so much a part of your life that you don’t feel the need to mention how much a part of your life they are.

I was devastated when Richard Whiteley died. So much so that I surprised myself, I hadn’t realised that he meant that much to me. Until I realised that back in the harsh times of the late 80s watching Countdown with my kids had been one of the few pleasant moments we had. I will always associate him with sitting on the settee eating crumpets with my kids & groaning at his excellently awful jokes. I still miss him.

Another comment I get is “How can you miss someone you’ve never even met?”

Well I don’t need to have physically met somebody for them to be a part of my life. Those of us who didn’t have a happy childhood often sought escape in books, films, songs & TV shows. If you have never been moved by any of these things I can’t help but feel sorry for you.

I remember when I heard that John Lennon was dead, crying & thinking that I was going to miss him. That might not make sense to you, but I have missed him. I may not have actually met him, but that doesn’t mean that his words & his songs haven’t been a part of my life.

The comment which pisses me off the most is that I’m “jumping on the bandwagon of grief”

Well, barely a day goes by when my Twitter timeline doesn’t mention the death of somebody famous, many of whom I’ve never even heard of to be honest. I don’t comment on their death as it doesn’t mean anything to me. I am not a bandwagon jumper.

So, for your information, and in no particular order,  here is a list of some of the famous people whom I shall miss when they die:

  • Dennis Skinner
  • Terry Pratchett*
  • Clive James*
  • Julie Walters
  • Diana Rigg
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Germaine Greer
  • Johnny Ball
  • John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)
  • Ruth Rendell (Barbara Vine)
  • Victoria Wood
  • Ken Dodd
  • Stephen Fry
  • John Noakes
  • Lulu
  • Johnny Depp
  • Neil Gaimen
  • Brian Cant
  • James Burke
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Ron Ely (Tarzan)
  • David Bowie
  • Sandie Shaw
  • Siouxsie Sioux
  • Billy Bragg
  • Glenda Jackson
  • Anyone who has played The Doctor in Dr Who
  • Any of my Twitter followers – yes I do regard you as famous.

This is by no means an exclusive list, there are many others whom I cannot think of at this moment. Also it is, of course, subject to the investigations of Operation Yewtree.

So you have been warned. If any of these people die I will be tweeting and/or blogging about them, what they mean to me, and how much I will miss them.

*these deaths appear to be [un]fairly immanent, so brace yourselves!


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  1. I agree with you totally. People become part of the fabric of your life even if you haven’t met them. Should we not mourn friends we have made on Facebook or Twitter even if we didn’t get to shake their hands in the real world? I am so saddened by the recent death of Leonard Nimow, whose work meant a great deal to me as I was growing up.

  2. It is surprising how much people can mean to you without you realising it 😦

  3. Marie Keates says:

    Everyone is entitled to feel how they want about who they want. Having said that, I do think there have been occasions when the media hs made more of a famous death than it warrants and there certainly are bandwagon jumpers. Being upset is acceptable but taking a week off work to recover is probably not. Looking at your list there are quite a few people on there that would make me sad too.

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