Road-works Rant


Coming back from the shops last week I noticed that part of the road was being dug up. Most people are mildly annoyed to find road-works delaying their journey, but this is more annoying than usual.      

Ten years ago we got a letter from the council telling us that, as both the gas and the water pipes urgently needed replacing, they had decided to close the road completely for two months (although in the end the road wasn’t properly opened until the first week of November). and invite every service, gas/water/sewage/electricity/cable/phone/etc, to come and do any work which might need doing. They explained that it was better to get it all done at once, then resurface the road properly, rather than having the road dug up again and again, which I thought was fair enough.

So in the last week of May up went the cones, in came the diggers, and one of the main roads through town became a very long ditch.

Before long all the normally quiet side-roads became clogged up with cars trying to find another way to their destination. Nearly all the buses had to be re-routed, and my two stop journey into the town centre became an expensive three bus journey out of the town and back in again. Even pedestrians were inconvenienced, because there were only a few places were we could cross the road we had to walk miles out of our way to get to somewhere just over the road. Every journey took longer than usual, sometimes by more than an hour. Grass verges were churned up, trees were uprooted, and hedges flattened by the heavy machinery. Not to mention the noise and the smells.

It was chaos, but we all thought at least we won’t have to put up with this again for years … except … every summer since then somebody has come and dug up the road again. Every. Single. Year! In fact I would say that there has been more activity in the last ten years than in the previous twenty-five. The carefully resurfaced road now looks like a patchwork quilt again.

So when I see the diggers turning up yet again it really pisses me off!


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  1. gggrrrrr 😡 don’t get me started!!!!

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